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Reconnecting Roots

“The more distant we look into the past, the farther we can see into the  future.” - Winston Churchill

One has to learn from his failures and those who ignore history are often bound to repeat it. Hence looking back into the past is essential for building a better future. For those in pursuit of the eternal glory tunneling past and future is inevitable.We have decided to keep the theme of our event as ‘reconnecting roots’ as we feel that it bridges the gap between the past and the present and provides impetus for the future. We also feel that pursuing such a theme for our TEDx event would serve the best interests of the students in our college as well as our surrounding community.

Building the basics in technical education

Most students focus in developing skills in technical arena without having much knowledge in the basics of science. Hence the importance of fundamentals must be ingrained into the students. This serves as a figurative interpretation of the word ‘roots’ as roots are the measure of any tree’s strength. Therefore a strong emphasis on the basics would be of great help.

Culture Shift

Amidst a society which constantly gravitates towards westernisation, the relevance of holding on to our own culture and practices and their relevance in the present day society would serve as an eye-opener.

Wisdom lost through ages

This topic has generated so much interest of late. Research and analysis in this field is done by various scholars and authors. The awareness in this field would boost the self-esteem of many youngsters as they would have a better respect for their own land’s history.

Roots of Indian economy

Finally, a thought corresponding to the literal sense of the word, as agriculture is the backbone of our country. Hence a report of how agriculture was practised, how it was revamped to meet the increasing needs of modern society, the emergence of Green Revolution and how agricultural practises can be improvised in the future may be a good topic for the talks.

Political root of Indian development

The development of modern India, right after independence has been largely influenced by political affiliations. Most of the political happenings are misinformed. Hence the various misconceptions, myths, setbacks, achievements, false starts and downright shameful corruptions can be chronicled and presented to enhance better understanding of the working of our country.

These forms the recipe of TEDxGCT 2014.

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TEDxGCT was first hosted last year for the GCT students, faculty and local community.Since then TEDxGCT has become the leading platform and pipeline for the propagation of ideas, creativity, innovation and culture of the community to the rest of the world. Government College of Technology brings together Interesting ,influencing personalities and great scholars to share their bright ideas and experiences in an extraordinary TED's style creating the magic called as TEDxGCT.

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